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AdaptiveAgroTech creates a bridge between your professional expertise in the area of high-tech agriculture and the end-users requests via a network of trusted researchers.

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Research & Development, Digitalization of Agriculture

  • Robust design
  • Yield prediction
  • Microclimate evaluation and prediction
  • Adaptive Analysis and optimization
  • Flexible automation

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Adaptive AgroTech is an International Consultancy Network focused on technology adaptation for Agriculture 4.0. The group was initially formed in 2008 at the Univ. of. Florida by Redmond R. Shamshiri to provide linkage and networking between Ag-Engineers and greenhouse growers. Since then, members of AdaptiveAgroTech have been involved in various applied control and dynamic projects including smart sensors for health assessment, precision agriculture of oil palms, variable rate technology, robotics harvesting, early disease detection, UAV-based remote sensing, autonomous navigation, LPWAN sensors for field monitoring, farm machinery management, and simulation/modeling (digital twin) for improvement of controlled environment plant production systems.