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International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

IJABE is a peer-reviewed open access international journal, Q2, IF=1.73

Sample Videos:
CRISPR Guide RNA Cloning for Mammalian Systems
George M. Church at Harvard University

Robotic Sensing and Stimuli Provision for Guided Plant Growth

Sampling Soils in a Heterogeneous Research Plot

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Academia and Research Groups

  • Precision Ag of Oil Palm, Prof. Dr. Siva Kumar Balasundram Precision, Department of Agriculture Technology, Universiti Putra Malaysia. 2016 to present
  • Simulation of Robotic Harvesting, Wageningen UR. Sep.2015 to March.2016
  • Prof. Ibrahim A. Hameed, Agricultural Robotic, NTNU, Norway. 2016 to present
  • Automation for Agriculture Research Group, Prof. Cornelia Weltzien, ATB, Potsdam. 2017 to present
  • Research and Development in Ag-Engineering, Laboratory for Energy & Environmental Engineering Research (EEER-Lab), Dr. Muhammad Sultan, Bahauddin Zakariya University. 2017 to present
  • Sensor development for high-tech greenhouse automation, Dr. Sanaz Shafian, Virginia Tech. 2020 to present.
  • Artificial Intelligent in Agriculture. Saba Samiei. Comfort.AI and MACSO. 2020 to present.